A month ago I received an email from CRAG (channel regional arts group) about an upcoming exhibition in my area. When I say my area, I actually mean the town village closest to me. The whole Channel is ‘my area’.
Anyhoo, it is titled ‘Circles’ and you have the option of using their 20cm square mdf piece or something of your own size and creating a circle. It can be anything – painting, textiles, mixed media… so long as there are circles incorporated.  Or some arty new way of looking at a circle.

I picked up my mdf today after doing some doodling and trying to figure out what I’ll do.  Some of my clay discs were a little over cooked, so instead of wasting them completely, I’m going to paint the board then somehow attach them to the board.
I did a couple of doodle and couldn’t figure out which one I would do, so tomorrow I shall see if I can pick up another board and enter 2 pieces.

It is not a competition so my skill level and self-esteem will not be tested when I see everyone elses work.
Items can be for sale – but will incur a commission fee – no worries as I’m not even sure yet whether  they will be good enough to sell.  I may want to keep them as a ????.  I’m thinking now, that if someone wants to buy them, then they can ring me.  I have to supply all my details anyway.
My doodles, pictured below,  are not so good. What I see in my head, does not come out of my hand looking the same, although I understand what I am getting at.
(Doodles are fantastic, ask any designer, and they will have books or sheets of paper with all sorts of ‘pretty’ pictures on them).  Of course, what I eventually do may or may not hit the mark, or look like this.  But I have to be registered by Friday (16th) ready for the 29th so I’d better get my thinking cap on. And ask mother dearest if I can borrow her paints again…

The actual size of the board we are recommended to use…

The first part is done… now to print and fill out registration forms and get creating 🙂

Keep smiling 🙂

5 responses to “Circles….

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  2. I love this project. I’m such a huge art fan. Carry on, it’s looking good. Just have fun.


    • that’s the idea MJ, (fun wise) and it’s given me some food for thought on other things aswell… keep posted 🙂 As for the art thing, I’m no Picasso, although if some of his can become materpieces, you never know…


  3. I’m interested to see what you come up with 🙂


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