Watch as the water falls. It will choose it’s own path, as you should choose yours.



8 responses to “Watch as the water falls. It will choose it’s own path, as you should choose yours.

  1. Oh Jennifer I love this photo and the caption you have with it. Just beautiful. And it’s lovely to meet another aussie as well. I’m from Melbourne and I’ve only been to tassie once but I loved it, especially the east coast driving down to Hobart.


    • Ooh, goodies, another Aussie! As much as I love my worldwide readers, it’s nice to read things from fellow countrymen. Tassie is awesome, but I love Melbourne, the shopping nad St Kilda Markets 🙂


      • -grin- Metan is another aussie – she’s from the Yarra Valley area.

        The shopping is wonderful but I think I’d swap you a Bichenou [sp?] for the sunday market any day. It’s been almost 30 years since I was there but I still remember the flavour of lobster fresh off the boat with just a bit of lemon juice and salt. -drools-


      • I’d already sussed out metan, very cool blog. You nearly had it, Bicheno, and now you have me drooling, fresh lobster… Mmm. I love a good market but bicheno is a gorgeous place!


      • Rats, I just knew that wasn’t the right spelling. I’m so glad Bicheno is still lovely because it’s a place I really, really want to get back to one day, and not just for the lobsters.

        My nephew is living in Hobart now and going to the uni there so maybe I can sneak a trip in at some point 😀


      • If you ever make it to Hobart, I’d love to meet up, I have so many new (online) friends thanks to my blog and FB that being able to meet IRL is the next step. 🙂


      • If I go visit my nephew at some point I am definitely looking you up!


      • Please do 🙂


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