Fruity Tea cake

Today started off, well, not very well. I was quite sad and would have happily stayed in bed or returned and just slept.  I was determined though not to give in to it, so I made myself  do things.  Fixed up the soup from the slow cooker and replace it ingredients for tonight’s beef curry, tidy the bench, sort a few things out.

Just after lunch my mood changed completely, and quickly.  That was odd, but I decided to make the most of it.  I was in the right mood, I would bake a cake. I had all the ingredients for a cake that a friend gave me, so I did it.

My result is heavier than I think it should be, and I definitely put too much fruit and nuts in it, but it tasted pretty good anyway.  And it should have been in a loaf tin, as compared to a round cake tin…

I’m calling it The Fruity Tea Cake.
Hot and fresh from the oven with butter dripping, divine!

Making the tea, yes Tea for a tea cake, and letting it brew and cool was the first thing.

Sugar, dried fruit, chopped peanuts and spices went into the bowl.

Then the tea.

Then the flour and into the oven.

I think I got too carried away with the music and took it out too early, there’s a few parts uncooked. Good with custard I think.
Recipe in the usual place,
happy baking 😉


8 responses to “Fruity Tea cake

  1. Mmmmm…hot cake and butter…mmmmmm
    That kind of picture is not helping my (extremely) tenuous grip on healthy eating! Yum!


  2. I’m very proud of you, Jennifer; keep fighting the good fight!


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