I have learnt…

I should not try and post, or even write on my blog when my head and heart are somewhere else completely.
There ensues some kind of failure and an even more unhappy camper.

Gradually, making my way back out of that dark place, 🙂

12 responses to “I have learnt…

  1. At least you’re wiser – that’s always a good thing!


  2. I clicked ‘like’ because there wasn’t a ‘positive thought’ button.


  3. helensadornmentsblog

    So sorry to hear things are kind of dark right now. Thanks for sharing though because I’ve been in that cave myself and have logged in some hours there. Hugs.


    • Thankyou Helen. It’s a place many people have been before us and will do so after us. I re read a blog or too and went – WTF??? A level playing field is on the horizon. As I said to Judith, it’s really not that bad, the post made it sound alot more dramatic than what it was. I just felt and still feel a bit, really awful. Being a girl can be a pain sometimes. 🙂


  4. Perhaps it would help to know how many of us have stood there in the dark with you! Love you, Jen! 😎


    • Thanks Judith. What started out as a physical thing (not related to my run at all) turned mental. I am still a bit out there, I hate medication!


      • I do too, Jen, but the meds are what allow me to live through days without being overwhelmed. Physical things, for me too, often turn into mental/emotional situations. Hang in there! 😎


      • if you want more info go check out my other blog, the link is on the top right of this one. it’s not a huge thing by any means, but it’s driving me nuts at times. Today I feel alright. 🙂 I know that the meds are sposed to be a good thing, and in your case, life saving, in mine not so much. Hanging on, by the finger tips…. lol 🙂


      • But oh, our fingertips have gotten so strong! I hope all is well soon. 😎


      • thanks, I think 🙂


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