Am I worthy of this Alter Ego?

I first read about this from Judith, who wrote an amazing story, then my sister wrote her own amazing story and put the challenge to me (after reading a one-off line in one of my other blog posts which used the words ‘alter ego’ in it…).  So, with thanks to the above and originally to Kat Collins, of A Skeptical Optimist, who has created this new writing challenge.  In her words:

The Alter Ego

Research the origins (Latin, Greek, biblical, or otherwise) of your first name and develop an alter ego for yourself based upon those origins. If your name is Alex, for example, whose origin, Alexandros, originates from the Greek root “to defend,” your alter ego could be “The Defender.” Free-write for twenty minutes from the perspective of that alter ego, writing about anything that comes to mind—and see what kind of patterns, ideas, or thoughts emerge.

Happy writing, my friends!

My name as you know is Jennifer…. now, according to google which spat up this as the first entry, I jumped on it:   The name Jennifer is a Cornish variant of Guinevere,[1] meaning The White Fay or White Ghost (Proto-Celtic *Uindo-seibrā, “white phantom” or “white fairy”……
So the White Ghost I am.

I am the white ghost. I am everywhere but you can’t see me. You know I am there, by the feelings you have and the actions you see.
I am the helping hand on your shoulder.  The comforting voice in your head.  I am the intuition that guides you.
I am the light that shines your way.  I, the white ghost, will show you the way.  I am your saviour, your guide.

Ok, so that was my twenty minutes… yeah, that’s all that I got.  I had a mental block and just sat staring at the keyboard. Yawn, stretch, go for a walk… ok.  I got this feeling and that is what I wrote.  My apologies for it being so short.  I am normally pretty good at this type of thing, but I gave myself stage fright.. lol.  I do like the idea behind what I have and will work on finishing it at some stage.

Keep smiling 🙂


2 responses to “Am I worthy of this Alter Ego?

  1. Great post, White Ghost!


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