it’s now a pot roast!

We love silverside. Or corned beef. Whichever name you call it, it is delicious.  Boiled with herbs, vinegar and brown sugar, onions, garlic and carrots then served with mash and white sauce.  Mmmm, are you hungry yet???

With a hot plate out of action and not able to put my beef on the stove top properly, I went looking for a new recipe.  My favourite website came to the fore again ( purely for an idea and confirming whether my thoughts were correct or not.
I was happy as I was correct.  I could put my meat in the oven – it’s called a pot roast… imagine that.  So tonight my very first pot roast got cooked.  Yes, laugh if you will.  After 20 years of fending for myself I have never cooked one.

Now, this would normally be the part where I show pictures and explain what I did for prep.
What I actually did for prep was ring the house (we were out at the time) and have a son put it in the oven to start cooking.

We got home and the smells emanating from the house were divine.  Potatoes were prepped then tossed into the pan while I then read some foodie mags.

Even though the meat was half-frozen in a matter of two hours it was cooked to perfection… juicy and easy to carve while being crispy on the top.

I am now wrestling with the decision of how to cook it next time… roast or boil.
On request from #2 son I will be making a rub and marinade for the next one.

How do you cook your silverside/corned beef  or pot roast?  Any favourite marinades or herb mixes you use?

Keep smiling 🙂


6 responses to “it’s now a pot roast!

  1. helensadornmentsblog

    Okay, so now I’m hungry!:) I haven’t done a roast in a while, think we might have it tomorrow.


    • love it!… I’ve read something and then gone… ‘that sounds really good, I might make it myself” I seem to enjoy it more that way, dunno why.


  2. Now I’m starving! Great work!


  3. Yum! That looks delicious! I’m loving that you got a son to start it, that would have made it taste all the sweeter… Hopefully they did the dishes too 😉


    • not tonight they didn’t. Said son is used to doing things like that for me… he’s a sweetie. It was melt in the mouth, happy dog got the left overs, his own roast meal aswell (can’t say we don’t look after him, lol)


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