Let me start by saying I love my husband.  His honesty and humour.  There are times when it is not appreciated – he knows those times, after he has opened his mouth.

meet Wilson (you know, Home Improvement… awesome show that was).

I know a lot of women have their hubbies (partner, fiancée, lover, BF/GF, whatever you call each other) in a pickle when it comes to asking them questions and wanting honest answers.  It’s an age-old thing, the poor guy is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.  Not my hubby.  I like the fact when I ask him a question I’m going to get an honest answer. Whether I like it or not. Liking the answer that is.

Take this morning for instance.  I ask if he notices any change due to my new exercise routine fun run training.
“Yeah, you’re looking good….” Ok, thanks. ~smile~  “…you don’t look like the Michelin man anymore…”   Me: “yeah, I was waiting for that bit..”
That’s my hubby.  Has to throw in some smart backhanded compliment, or twisted insult.  I laughed and called him names back.

Now a lot of women would have run crying from the room and hurled nasty insults back.  Not me, 1: I’m used to it and 2: if we can’t be honest with each other than what is the point. Especially after nearly 22 years together.

Onto what I was starting this post off with.
I started this week on Monday with a 4k run (jog, sprint and walk (very little) in that order) in 30 mins.  Very happy and for the first time in the last 3 weeks I actually felt like I could do it. It was achievable.  My head as right into it.
Wednesday and I thought I might do the full 8k.  Nah, I did 6 in 46mins.  Still really happy, very little walking, and feeling really fab afterwards.

Today, Friday. I’m gonna do 8k.  Didn’t happen.
Not happy as my workout was cut short due to a Pilates class (I didn’t know it was on) and the “treadmill is too noisy for us”.  So I sprint the last 500m to finish at 5k today.  My happy with it though, is that I ran the first 4k non-stop!! (had a short walk before starting up the jog again).  this was done by saying “I’ll run til … mins or when it gets to …km’s” and I just kept running… God that felt good.

Again, this makes me feel like I can do this.  I know that the road and the hill or two are going to make it slightly different.  But knowing that I have actually done it already means it is that much easier.

On another note or two….
– I was asked today (in front of hubby) if I liked ‘hot stuff’… oops, “yeah sure I do, I just didn’t marry one..”
– mum and I peeled, chopped and cooked up some apples for winter.  I  really want my own steriliser ((preserver) as my freezer isn’t big enough) so I can fill my pantry with all sorts of veges and fruit… calling my inner earth mother. 🙂
– I have been sewing  like mad and getting ready for another market tomorrow. Lots of little sleeve bags.  Piccies after the market. I promise.
– I have an alter ego I might let out of the bag at some stage.
and lastly, I want to thank each and everyone of you who read and/or follows this blog.  It’s not about much at all, and I wander all over the place with my topics, but I really appreciate all your comments and likes (and sharing if that happens). Thanks xo 🙂

keep smiling and be nice to your partner 🙂


9 responses to “Miscellaneous..

  1. Glad you liked my blog entry. Wow! Tasmania. Isn’t it nice we can visit with people from anywhere in the world? Guess this is the way I get to see the world–my ultimate dream.


  2. Hmm, sometimes I’m brutally honest, and yes, do the backhanded compliment thing. We’re guys, what can we say. We’re not the smartest rocks in the box! hehe


  3. Ha! I never get a properly honest answer from the man of the house! If we are (rarely) going out I say ‘how do I look honey?’ Without looking up he will say ‘you look great’. I could come out with a jellyfish on my head and he wouldn’t even notice!

    We do tease each other all the time though and as you said, if you can’t be honest with each other what is the point. We have been together over 20 years and have managed to hurl around many fake insults in this time too 🙂
    I liked your ‘hot stuff’ above. 🙂 Man of the House will get out of the shower and say ‘aahhh, I needed that, I feel like a new man’. I will say ‘so do I , dunno where I’ll find one at this time of night though’


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