Earring Pockets and Puffy Boxes….

What are you talking about???  Yeah, even that sounds weird to me.
I decided to name them pockets as compared to envelopes, coz envelopes is just plain boring.  And they look a little like pockets to me.

I had a paper envelope (not sure where it was from or who gave it to me but it sparked a great idea) and just needing glue, scissors and card or thick paper to make them I headed to the newsagent to get myself come cardboard.

Thinking I had taken the template in my market box (it was actually in a book on my desk, duh) I made one from memory, which was smaller, but I had the right idea as it worked a treat at the market when I put items in it.  So the real and slightly bigger one will be that much easier to use.

I then went looking for another box or envelope (for bigger items) and found the puffy box.  A great idea and easy to pop in your bag without the need for another carry bag.

Let’s have a look at how easy it is to make your own envelope or puffy box.

Get your template (there are squillions on the internet) and trace it onto your card, marking the fold lines.

This is where I stamp my card and leave the ink to dry.

Score the lines and then fold them in. I used a sharp knife as it wasn’t going to cut all the way but enough to fold easily. Stanley knives are probably nnot a good idea here.

As I am going to use a little ribbon as a carry ‘strap’ I will mark the placement of holes on the front and flap of the pocket and then use hole punch (as it’s meant to be used) before I glue. I didn’t actually do this til I had glued so lessson learnt for next time.

Glue the folded parts and sit something heavy on them to help set it place. Make sure you don’t glue the top flap closed.

Fold a length of ribbon in half and knot at the opposite end to the fold.
Thread the fold through the first hole, put items in the pocket, fold top flap and thread ribbon loop through the next hole.

The loop will now sit on your wrist or carried in your hand.

After this first one I’ve made, I also realised I need to make the top flap longer so it sits flatter once it has items inside and the ribbon is threaded..

To make puffy boxes, follow the same instructions being careful with the curved edges.  They need to be prefect so they fold easily and neatly.
I know, when I made my first one I scored without a firm curved edge (like a glass) and the line was rather wobbly and didn’t fold properly. No pics of that as my first one failed miserably.

Enjoy, now you can make your own gift boxes 🙂


10 responses to “Earring Pockets and Puffy Boxes….

  1. Lovely. Rather neater than my attempt too. Wish I’d taken a photo, I’ll make another and score the curved lines around a glass (good tip).


  2. Pocket is definitely a better word for them, they look great!


  3. Very cool, Jennifer! Your skills amaze me!


  4. helensadornmentsblog

    Ohhhh, I really like these. Thanks for such a great tutorial.


  5. Your little pockets are adorable, Jen! So creative! I also enjoy your header for this week. Seems like all must be well. 😎


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