soup or chowder… chow on down.

Ok, can someone tell me please what makes a chowder different from a soup?

Regardless of the difference I am making this for dinner tonight.
I could just do some veges and heat the roast chicken from last night but with the weather coming in chilly I wanted to make yummy food that is filling, healthy and warming.
A good thick soup is just the answer.
My recipe has corn, bacon and potatoes, I have chicken so it’s going in there aswell.   This is a recipe that I got from my favourite recipe site ( with a few slight changes due to pantry options.

Have we got everything ready… ? Yep?  Then, let’s cook!

butter, 2 onions diced (i used 1), 1/4 cup plain flour
250gr bacon (i made up the weight with a combination of chicken and bacon),
3 cups milk, 2 cups chicken stock,
1 kg corn kernels (i used a 400gr tin creamed corn)
500gr potato

yes, this is one 500gr potato...

what to do:
cook onions and bacon (i added some garlic here aswell)

add the flour and mix together.
Add the milk and stock and stir to combine.

Bring to the boil then add chopped potatoes and corn.

Cook for 15-20  til potatoes are soft and soup is thickened.
I added my creamed corn halfway through the last stage of cooking.  This made it a thick creamier coup.

Bowl up and serve with bread of choice.

Yeah, a little parsley would make it look so much better.

I did have a problem while cooking this soup… what can that be you ask..?
Yesterday one of my hot plates died.  Not just any hot plate. But the one I use the most, and the only large one – the one I use for my soup pot.
So cooking a thick soup which needs to simmer proved difficult.  Part of it burnt while the rest struggled to boil.  So stood and stirred instead of walking away (and reading  my new cooking magazines).
It tasted really good and is so easy anyone could make it.  Whichever version you want to make.

keep warm 🙂

4 responses to “soup or chowder… chow on down.

  1. Hi, Jen,
    My mom, who grew up in a fishing village on the coast of the Gulf of Maine, says that according to her mom, chowder uses milk and butter, fish or corn or whatever, onion, and no thickening, no flour, no cornstarch, no roue at all. This makes a runnier chowder, but she insists that is how to do it. Here in Maine, we don’t discuss Manhattan clam chowder, because “it’s not really a chowder, its just some tomato-y shit.” I think she feels strongly about that! I hope it was yummy!


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