I’m nearly ready….


I made a mistake and had to make this from memory… so not too bad. But thinking pale pink might look better.
There is a puffy box to make too.. could be cute.

And why does the weather have to be shite now!!? Raining, windy and Cold!  And market is on tomorrow…


7 responses to “I’m nearly ready….

  1. I love puffy envelopes, so easy and look so nice. I’m making one to put my sister’s birthday present in tonight.


    • Nice, how thick is the card you are using? I need to make a whole heap for Saturdays market.


      • Well… This is a bit embarrassing, but I didn’t have any card when I looked, not in the house anyway and I felt far too ill to walk the five steps to the shed where I keep my crafty stuff. My eyes lit on a piece of wallpaper that I’d taken as a sample from B&Q recently. Loved the pattern but it didn’t work in my house at all. I used that.

        It is quite thick wallpaper, lovely patten and made a really nice puffy box. I’m off out to give it to her in a few minutes. What’s more Ive got loads left.

        Best of all, it was free!


      • oops, but you made the most of a sticky situation. I love the sound of wallpaper box. Do we get a picture??? please.


  2. I think I’m reading these in reverse. Envelope looks good!


  3. The weather is crap because you need time to work on your lovely logo! Good luck tomorrow!


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