Beady names…

What’s in a name…?
A lot, not much at all.
A name can evoke many emotions and if your first impression is not ‘happy’ will that change your mind on the piece of jewellery you are looking at.
Yes, Jewellery.
A lot of jewellery makes I have met and know will put names to their pieces – something I have a great deal of trouble with.
Do I make it really obvious (blue flowers for example) or something more obscure that makes you want you want to look further. Girls names, flavours or romantic imagery often feature and can be delectable enough to want to buy it for the name alone.

My sister in Finland often sends me packs of beads from a company called Sinelli.  they have the most gorgeous packs of bead in scrummy colour combinations, but it is the names that are so cool.
The ones I have currently are Pink Parfait (delicate pastel pink and greens, still deciding on the design), Peppermint Sticks (bright red and creamy white, now a simple 3-strand necklace) and the Blackberry Jam I made into an asymmetrical necklace last night.  Dark burgundy and black beads paired with chain and a cinnibar bead.
There is also another I used, but cannot find the packet with the name… dark silver greys and dark gothic reds – made as a single strand but part of a super chunky chained up re model.  ~insert short break~  Hmm, after going through the bin (the crafty bin, not the other one, eww) I found the label on my shelf! and it is simply called Metallic Red.  I think she is a Veronica personally.

This started in my head as a post about re-modelled pieces, but took its own direction.  I really should get back on track and post some piccies.
Some of you have seen the blue necklace from yesterday  I posted as a teaser… wonder where she came from originally?
Maybe you guys can help me with names?

bah… plain and boring.

 I was thinking of adding a few more strands to this and making it chunkier… well guess what? After taking the ribbon off it went from 2 to 15 strands and looks glorious. Here, is Miss Blue Belle.

Yeah, this was that one..

clasp detail. THIS is the fiddly part.

Ok, next cab off the rank… a black and silver chain and bead necklace that now has a brand new lease of life. This one had the same idea as the blue one – add a few more strands of beads…

Miss Metallic Red, Veronica, Ronnie....

The Peppermint sticks came together really easily… when it could have been a royal pain.
(I was asked the other night while ‘mobile beading’ if things work out quickly or I have to leave them for a bit – most definitely they do.  Sometimes I’m lucky and it all falls into place, other times, I’m just not sure so it sits for a night, a day, a week… until I figure out what’s wrong and fix it).
I had a lariat that was tied in a knot and needed to be cut so the red and silver beads came with me to join Miss Pepper Mint in a simple almost classic design.

Lastly is my Blackberry Jam… again, a design that came easily and went together the first time. Always a joy when that happens.  The chain tassle and two of the links are from another necklace.  There is a small square toggle clasp at the front although it is able to be put straight over your head.

close up showing all the bits.

Do any names spring to mind?  What would you call your crafty pieces to give them their own life?

Keep smiling 🙂

2 responses to “Beady names…

  1. I’m having trouble enough with my business name let alone beads! Can I put this post onto Sinelli’s Facebook timeline?


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