Beautiful Autumn

I had an hour to kill while my boys went and did who knows what.  So after checking out ‘the market’ I crossed the road with thoughts of seeing what Salamanca was doing… I got as far as the park (directly across the road) and the gorgeous autumn colours were just too pretty to ignore. 
St Davids park is pretty awesome.




and the groovy rotundra….


With a second entrance off the park are the apartments (Salamanca News) I used to do housekeeping for. No doubt they are all privately owned now. Behind is Salamanca Hotel where I startedy housekeeping ‘career’.


Keep smiling 🙂

8 responses to “Beautiful Autumn

  1. Love the pictures of the benches. Great stuff.


  2. It looks like it was a lovely day 🙂 I really enjoyed your photos and have to ask, what are the plaques in the wall along the walkway?


    • Ok, sorry for the delay, I had to get hold of the laptop to do some research… so here are a few things I’ve found. If you fancy googling for yourself, ‘st davids park hobart’, or ‘st davids park cemetaries’ will find the best results.

      “On Davey Street, at the city end of Salamanca Place, this formal English-style walled park still has old headstones displayed in the lower section – a reminder that this was the colony’s first burial ground. It was made into a park in 1926, with a rotunda and sweeping lawns shaded by huge English trees. Cnr Davey St and\ Sandy Bay Rd.”

      and here is another link aswell:


  3. Your photos are lovely, and I like the video!


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