Sculptures, a birthday, and really good cake!

This weekend my sister and her family came to visit so I had a rather full, noisier than usual house with children ranging in age from 15 to 18 months.  It’s been a while since I’ve kids that young in my house.

The first afternoon my dog ended up with pink stripes, the house has some outlined bricks and the carport is one huge ‘canvas’ of doodles from the bucket of chalk I bought for ‘entertainment’.  Time to get the hose and broom busy I think.  The dog is ok, after rolling in the wet grass a few times – although he did try eating a lump of chalk so we’ll see how that goes.

My sister (and her partner) helped made me another herb garden, which should work as it is better placed than the one I tried 6 months ago. Now to make sure the dog doesn’t walk all over it.  And given the herbs ‘can see the kitchen’ I’m hoping with some tlc I will be picking my own fresh herbs and not paying exorbitant prices for ridiculous small ‘posies’ at the supermarket.  There are several other flowers been planted (as I type my memory has gone to sleep and I cannot remember what they are) so come spring (in the southern hemisphere) I shall have some pretty flowers rocking up and making my already cool garden prettier still.

My mum had her birthday this weekend aswell and has had the whole weekend of Birthday.  After her market yesterday she came to see us for dinner and a scrummy chocolate cake (the kids wanted to keep their  usual pizza and movie) so we ate in relative silence and had ‘adult’ conversations.  A shoulder of lamb from next door was roasted (with all the veges and gravy) which proved to be quite tasty and not as hard to cook as I had anticipated.  I roast little more than a chook usually.
It was a night of good food, wine company and conversation.  Although the ‘5 ton’ of dishes I had to do later required more coffee to get me through, lol.

Easter Sunday came about and after the kids went bonkers hunting for eggs and then hiding them again for my two sleeping late teenagers, we drove a few kilometres up the road and went on a Sculpture Trail that comes around once a year for a few months.  The honesty box may not get filled, but I paid for us and armed with camera my 3 boys and I took to the track.  (My sister came also we just managed to leave the house a bit quicker and/or easier).
Arrows pointed the way so you could not get lost and once we’d finished we all met up at mum and dad’s for another Birthday/Easter lunch with enormous Black Forest cake for dessert.

this way...

the first of many along the trail...


A photo blog will follow with all the pictures I took  showing the many weird and wonderful sculptures along the 1.5km mainly uphill trail.  It was a hike and a half. So glad I decided not to take my jumper even though it was windy.

keep smiling, happy Easter again, have a great day 🙂


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