What’s for dinnner…?

“Oh no, not another food blog”  I hear you say… well,  I love cooking and am really into baking  at the moment.  Beads are there but I hate tidying my desk so I procrastinate with that til I just have to bead and then spend twice as long getting anywhere.  I do try but life alwys gets in the way and the mess just keeps coming back.
Anyhoo, we had a roast chicken last night and as there were only 3 of us, leftovers abound.  So tonight, rather than heat and eat in sandwhiches or as a pasta suace I am going to make pancakes.

mr 8: “what are having on the pancakes..”
me: “that would be the chicken I’m making up”
mr 8: “you’re the only one going to eat them like that”

And, yes, that is how it went.  I was the only one who ate a pancake with chicken.
The story of my life, the more boring and basic the better with my boys.  But I persevere and hope that one day it pays off.  At least I enjoy dinner.  I do say that if I can’t eat my own cooking I don’t expect them to eat it. there have not been many time that has happened.

I found a much quicker and definately easier pancake recipe and the chicken was a no brainer.  Fry it up with onion, corn and herbs them mix into the cheese sauce.

Pancake batter ready to mix - flour, egg and milk.

then, I think it would be the chicken and other bits…

all the other bits + broccoli & toms for the side.

and the finshed product. With glass of wine and small bowl of salady stuffs.
It was pretty good too.  Recipe, as usual, in the above pages.

looks a little lonely there, but I don't like my salad getting messy... 😉

Keep smiling 🙂


7 responses to “What’s for dinnner…?

  1. They look and sound absolutely delicious to me, and I’m stealing this recipe too — I think I got my soup recipe from you, which was AMAZING, by the way. I love food blogs, so you won’t lose me when you write them.


  2. So funny, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that exact conversation with my hubby:)


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