Lazy Saturday Pictures

I spent a quiet little while this afternoon outside with my camera.  It was a beautiful day and on closer inspection of the lawn I found a strange little mushroom.  So I’m lying on the grass and some great snuffly black thing kept invading my vision…. so I just had to get pictures of Mr I-wanna-be-in-the-picture.  Plus some pretty autumn leaves and a flower or two.

(oops, a bad picture got in there)
But it’s a smiley sort of day 🙂


2 responses to “Lazy Saturday Pictures

  1. I love to hear that my friend has had a smiley day. And I have never, in person, seen a mushroom that inspired so many cartoons and images of mushrooms. I love it! 😎


    • Thanks Judith. It was a surprise to see this one here, it was the only one that had not been trampled over. It reminded me of a ‘mushroom meteor’ from a Tintin comic book. I just had to get a picture.


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