Milestone alert!!

According to the stats page is it 4am where ever the mother ship is, and I have 38 more views to go til 4000.

(ok, small number to most of you, but for me it’s big!)

Will I make it today…??
Or will it be so very very close….

fingers crossed… but I do have some beady pictures I could post…

🙂 J

10 responses to “Milestone alert!!

  1. Congrats on passing the 4K mark, Jennifer!


  2. Wow! Your fortunes are rising, young lady…


  3. You must have reached and surpassed that goal by now — CONGRATULATIONS! It is a big deal — to anyone. I felt a little inadequate when I reached 1000, but other bloggers let me know that is a good number. Remember, everyone has been where you are! 😎


  4. Well done, you’ll be catching up to me soon.


  5. ….or 9:48pm on the west coast of the US……just a few more hours for you I’m thinkin’!!! LOL


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