It’s new header day…

Every Sunday I am changing my header picture, and I aim to include the full picture for you to see.

This weeks picture is a gorgeous necklace I made some time ago – now living with a lucky lady – from an Onyx ‘fan’ with Swarovski crystals in Jet and Clear. Simple but stunning.

Jennifer 🙂


10 responses to “It’s new header day…

  1. A beautiful necklace! I hope market went well yesterday 😎


    • Thanks Judith. Market was very slow unfortunately. Just one of those days.


      • I’m sorry to hear it. Oh well. I hope your days get better! Your stuff is so pretty — somebody is going to buy it. Have you considered marketing to places which cater mostly to tourists? You could really cash in on the Handmade in Australia thing that way. Just a thoought…


      • There are many places I could market it, I need some help with that side of it though. There are a few plans in the pipeline. 😉


  2. Beautiful!


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