Don’t you just hate it

I’m Cold. no, I’m hot. no, I’m cold again….

Don’t you just hate it when, after several months of being super busy, you get the time to sit still and concentrate on those “gotta/wanna/have to do it’ jobs when… WHAM! a cold smacks you in the face.
Ha ha (think that kid off the Simpsons), not gonna happen pal.

So, as much as I’d like to sit around, feeling sorry for myself and do absolutely nothing. I can’t. I wont. Or maybe I might, just a little bit.  Why is it men seem to be able to do this much easier than us..??

So I soldier on.  Make my way through the list, slower than otherwise, sip my tea that I can’t taste, and think sweet sweet thoughts about a cozy warm bed.

Of course there are still plenty of things to do while you have a cold.  But is beading one of them?
Aaaa-choo!! One sneeze and you’ve blown beads all across the table.
Put your hand up to cover your cough…and all the strung beads decide a trip along the wooden floor is a good thing.
Blow your nose… yeah, well, when there’s too much for the tissue… icky. Sticking to the beads.. ugh.

Ok, these things haven’t happened but I can just imagine if they were to.

So I will post this, finish my camomile, honey and vanilla tea –  can’t taste it – lather myself in Vix and take this stuffed up head to bed.  Hopefully to rise in time for school duties tomorrow (which is now today).
And as such, my nose feels like a blocked pipe which is doomed to never be fixed, my head is sore, my back aches.  Enough about that, I can drink my tea, work my ay through that huge pot of vege soup I made last night and know that my kids are healthy, life is good and you know what.. even the sun is shining!

I intend to be fully armed with lemon lollies, lemon and honey tea, panadol for the head, vix and a box of never ending tissues (who’s gonna invent those?)

I shall smile between the sneezes (you know what they say about sneezes) and snuffle my way around my jobs.


4 responses to “Don’t you just hate it

  1. Oh, Jen, Feel better very soon! 80(


  2. Nailed it. Hope the week gets better 🙂


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