The sheer cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula.

The Tasman Peninsula sticks out into the southern ocean and has some of the best cliff and wild waters you’ll find anywhere.  This is just around the corner, per se from Port Arthur.
And thoguh my photographic skills don’t quite capture the sheer enormity of the cliffs I think you’ll get the idea.

tesselated pavement.

tesselated pavement

really, not more stairs.... I've had enough already.

Then there is the devil’s kitchen…

sheer cliffs that make any person a bit queasy. Grreat views to the ocean though.

and the Blowhole (not quite blowing much any more though…maybe in winter she looks better)

looking through to the ocean

and Tasman Arch…

i like this one.

some of the sheer cliffs...

and the Hippolyte Rock.  Pretty impressive.

mega zoomed in...

and then from as you are standing on the shore…

ok, well zoomed in a bit. If I didn’t, you would barely be able to see it through the camera.

Keep smiling 🙂


2 responses to “The sheer cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula.

  1. Oh, Jen, you live in the most beautiful place! Great photos, and such dramatic landscapes!


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