Sneak peak at my hubby….

Hubby is a miner.
He works in Mount Isa, (yeah, back where we just came from 12 months ago) underground and loves it!
He has only been doing this work for about 5 or 6 years but has found his thing, his working niche.
He works with the explosives, the Big Bang stuff… if it comes together,  then the ground shakes the right way and everyone is happy.  If it doesn’t work, then it is a lot of time and money to fix it, and people get cranky.  Of course they do, that’s money down the drain so to speak.

Of course it is dangerous, it is underground and it creaks and groans like a tall building might in a strong wind.  The ground is a ‘living’ thing aswell. It’s gotta be respected, coz you only make one mistake with little chance of having another go.
Although hubby says that it is fairly safe I still say that every day there is a 50/50 of things happening.  Safety is paramount, and thankfully hubby is big on safety aswell. After all the best reason for being safe at work is at home.

I trust him and what he does.
And he loves what he does.
I wouldn’t ask him to stop.

His roster is one of the better FIFO ones, 1 week on and 1 week off, which equates to what we call 8 and 6 (8 on and 6 off).  So each week I am off to the airport to deliver or collect.  His parents and one sister live close to where he has to switch planes so occasionally he spends time with them.  If I say that it will be 3 weeks before I see him, it means his days off are being spent with family.

Here are a few pictures of an open cut mine in Qld and then some of the trucks that are used. I love these trucks, and the sheer size of the operation is just incredible.  Big holes, big trucks (and lots of big egos from cowboy miners) and hard work.

one big hole in the ground...

see that little hole down there... that's truck sized for heading underground.

love the big trucks!

and again...

and one more….

and this is a small truck. there are bigger ones. end of 2006.

Keep smiling 🙂


3 responses to “Sneak peak at my hubby….

  1. Thanks so much for the look into your life, and the Hub’s! Great post, Jen. 😎


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