Another new start…. what? again?

I have been thinking again lately… yeah I know, it must hurt.  Although I love making lots of different kinds of jewellery in simple but different styles, I have thought about making my niche with something I haven’t sen much of before.  My Wraptures.  I love the glass work, and the clay is super cool. So many things to do with it.  My friend C who was just visiting recently, has done a little bit on enamelling… LOVE IT!!  I have not seen much of that either, so I am going to hunt out a class and give it a go.  It will suit my differing tastes in jewellery style and as a lot of people are right into the Dichroic Glass (all the same really) I want to use it but stand out from the crowd.

I will still be making the basic run-of-the-mill pieces I have always made, trying to incorporate more semi precious into them, to accommodate the everyday customer, while concentrating on my niche.  My little piece of the action! 
My bags will still be just whatever style and colours I like, I might get to creating a more niche style for them….  but then again, who knows.

The next few months will be an intersting journey, so stick around to make sure you catch all the goss..

Keep smiling 🙂

7 responses to “Another new start…. what? again?

  1. I think you’re onto something, Jen….
    Go with it!


  2. I think this is a great idea — they are so lovely, and so original. And if you want, you can think of this as the next logical progression of the work you’ve been doing. As Thomas Edison said, “I tried 2000 ways to make the filament for a light bulb.” A man asked, “How did it feel to fail 2000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 2000 times; I just found 1,999 ways not to make the filament for a light bulb.” So now you know several ways not to make the jewelry you want, and one way that works. I’d say that’s just a rational next step. Good for you! 😎


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