I saw one, I saw one!!!!!!

Today (which is now yesterday)  we had a family day out – Hastings Cave and Thermal Springs.

A two-hour drive south-west, close to where the Tahune Airwalk, is a State Park with the most amazing cave and the best outdoor swimming pool.  Heated from a natural spring the water ranges from 26C in winter to an average of 30C in summer.  Perfect for swimming all year round.  And today was a perfect day – the place was packed!

We did the cave tour first up (if there are pictures below it means they turned out alright. ok, mine didn’t work, so these are courtesy of darling hubby who knows how to use his camera) so we could relax with a bbq lunch.
Doh, who forgot the most important things for a barbie… the sauce.

Newdegate cave (aka Hastings)

looking straight up at the ceiling.

The cave has some walkways built-in which are all lit at the base of the handrails giving enough lit to walk by but not too much to ruin the cave experience.  The tour guide is well-informed and the commentary is quite interesting.  An interesting way to check out a cave, especially if you’re not of the ilk to go full on caving… I’ve tried and I think I am a tad claustrophobic aswell…

These caves have been host to choirs and concerts and even the odd wedding (yes, odd would be the word aswell as occasional).  Not sure I’d be traipsing down all those stairs in any kind of wedding outfit for a 9C ceremony.

A short walk around the area has lots of pretty trees and manferns, along with all the usual signs of information….

manfern.. although on a lean, it's about 7-8feet tall.

From the main pool area, which is like an oasis in the middle of the forest, there is a short walk through the trees and the spring creek where there are several platypus living so while my boys went swimming I took a walk and with the hope I would see one.  Noticing some ripples in the water I take a closer look and there, on the bottom is something foraging under the leaves…. oooh, there it is… it popped up … oooh it’s a platypus!!! I’ve not seen one in the wild, or the flesh… so it was pretty cool.

as he came to the surface… and a closer up one aswell.

Aside from too much junk food we had a lovely relaxing day out. Sorry to C as I would have liked to take you here, we were just around the corner too. Damn L and his airport time frame…

Keep smiling 🙂

10 responses to “I saw one, I saw one!!!!!!

  1. that is awesome!


  2. I have always wanted to see a platypus up close — this is best I’ll likely get in this lifetime, so I am rejoicing vicariously through you! Hooray! We saw a platypus 😎


  3. Very cool to see a platypus!


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