Port Arthur – a pictorial essay

Port Arthur, located on the Tasman Peninsula, an hour drive east from Hobart is home to one the largest Penal Colonies in Australia.  Famed for its convict history, which included a busy boat building port among its many trades it is a beautiful spot to visit and learn about the early settlers of the Hobart region.  A terrribly violent act in recent history (April 1996) makes the convict era almost ‘nice’ by comparison and is still a sore point with many Tasmanian people.
It is a fascinating day trip with boat and walking tours on offer and lots to learn.

(I’m not good at the research and links side of things, so for more information, feel free to Google Port Arthur and read as much as you want to).

coming into 'port' from the boat tour

Keep smiling (hard as it here at this place) 🙂

5 responses to “Port Arthur – a pictorial essay

  1. Breathtaking. Well done, Jen.


  2. Until you know the history, it’s easy to be fooled by the landscape. Thanks so much for taking me there, It was very interesting talking bout the differences in how our countries came about. Also, as you know, I am now completely in love with yours!!!


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