An afternoon of good food…

Today was R&R day.
We slept late – well a later than normal – and after a most relaxing morning with a yummy scrambled eggs lunch we went for a short drive, distance wise anyway, we were gone for a good 3 hours.

The heat was starting to get ridiculous.  After a very hot 39C yesterday today was cooler, 34C but the humidity was off the scale.  I knew I moved out of Mount Isa for a reason, and this was part of it.  Just on the other side of Woodbridge Hill, 20kms away, is a gorgeous little vineyard that overlooks the Hartz mountains in the distance.  Just beautiful.

I had tasted their Spiced Apple Mead 8 years ago and after seeing some in a boutique shop (in Launceston) I knew I had to bring C to see to this place.
We had a tasting session of several liqueurs and Ports before heading to their ‘restaurant’ and enjoying a coffee with a light citrus tart.  Talk about melt in the mouth.

A purchase of Ashgrove Cheese (the place we didn’t get to see yesterday) and my mead, some pics of the view and we drove back over The Hill to find more cheese.

A few kilometres from where I live (I pass this place regularly) is a cheesery made from that specialises in the sheep variety.  They even have 5star ovine accommodation!

We had more tastings… yum! A mutton sausage, Pecorino, Ewe Bewety (a vine-covered blue cheese taste) White Pearl (a soft creamy cheese in oil with herbs – a sweet but savoury cheese perfect for spreading) and a Pinot Paste.  We came home with all these.  A tasting of the Vanilla Whey Liqueur was the icing on the cake.  Devine. And I will be going back to get some another time, along with the Cassis from Hartzview.

So then end of a hot day, after wine and cheese and now I’m feeling rather sleepy.

Keep smiling 🙂

3 responses to “An afternoon of good food…

  1. helensadornmentsblog

    This sounds like a delightful way to spend the day. I can relate to the heat and humidity. We have it here in Atlanta, GA also.


  2. Wow, other than the humidity, that sounds fabulous. Yum on the food! Those cheeses were probably to die for.


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