This week on MB & CL….

It’s a busy week coming up for me here, at my table in front of bay window with beautiful views, & occassional mad child running past screaming…
So I’ve been thinking ahead on what I want to post…

– Kidprenuer at the market
– birthday baking again, with delish-ous recipe included
– my thoughts on blogging and social media (FB & T)
– beadies and Wraptures

I am also hoping my friend who is arriving Monday week will do a guest post for me.. I have pre warned her and I’m hoping she’ll humour me (and you guys) and do this.  Hands up for support please!! (Prefer comments, but both would be nice)

I played around with a new header, but after the water shots from the previous post, I decided a more cheerful one was the choice before posting this to the WWW.

Keep smiling  🙂

4 responses to “This week on MB & CL….

  1. This was fun, especially your real world detail of the screaming child! Life.


  2. I know I’d love to hear your friend’s writing.


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