it should not look like this….

I spent a good 4 hours or so playing with my clay, and pasta machine. Did I tell you I love it!!
Smooth even thickness, strips all the same size… just brilliant. I can’t wait to buy one and actually make proper pasta…
Anyway, enough of that… into my kiln they go, I was worried about it being too vicious for clay.  Baking glass requires temps of 800C, for an hour total. Clay only 100-150C for 10 mins.
I got my answer pretty quick. Way Too Vicious!
Burnt clay puts out the most vile and toxic smoke and smell…

I had made some Wraptures and also tried out layering shells with clay so they were more a blue shade.. they were pretty.  They are not pretty anymore.
I failed at this one.  I think that $25 toaster oven will be mine very soon next week.  A Big W job (similar to KMart for my overseas friends).

Here are the pics, before and after… all I can say is that I am glad it was only the shells.

aren't they just beautiful?

not sure the kiln should look like this... easy to clean, a little sweep with a paintbrush..

and the piece de resistance….



Holy shit. In the space of about 2 seconds, it went from at temp to off the scale with smoke pouring out… this is why you need good ventilation.

Keep smiling… well maybe later I will..  😦


4 responses to “it should not look like this….

  1. mommywritervkent

    Lol…well you tried and at least you know now 😀 i have to say though…the clay look like turds, lol…. You get an A for trying though.


  2. Oh, Jen, I’m so sorry! Those shells were beautiful! What a shame. Remember that stuff is very toxic, too — breathe to much of that crap and you could end up in hospital with some kind of polymer pneumonia. Still, you know you can do others. I would also beware a toaster oven — the clay + whatever you put with it would be very close to the flame. Your best bet is one of these methods — And used the roasting bag, because that will save you hours of scrubbing your oven. When you get the shells done, they’ll look just like the picture above, which really is gorgeous. Keep your ventilation in mind — a couple of fans should do it, pointed toward an open window or door. Good luck!


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