Face the corner… Dunce!

Huh…? What have you done now..?
Nothing, really. I’m a good girl.
Ipod is booming – it has to be so I can zone out – I step up to the mark, punch in a few details and set the machine going….as I pound the conveyor belt I notice… the wall!!
I jog, for thirty minutes, facing the wall like a naughty school kid – all I need is a black pointy hat (actually, might be one hiding in the cupboard for those b witchy moments)…
Next time I go,  I’m moving the damned machine.

I should really take a picture to hang there... a long winding road maybe, light at the end of the tunnel...

I think, better yet, one of my lovely eye candies could help ease the load…

Now, though I need to re sort the music – how is it that I emptied and refilled iPod with music and it seems to be worse than the last lot…pfft.

Keep smiling, it wont last long, coz then you trip and end up arse-over on the floor looking real clever! 🙂

9 responses to “Face the corner… Dunce!

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  2. Eye-candy sounds like a great idea but maybe without the shirt! Haha


  3. or a picture of you running a marathon, spectators on the side urging you on LOL


    • ha ha Lesly, you know I did, third time there, start thinking that as I always loved (and yes I was pretty good at high school) running that I might get motivated to do, not a marathon, but maybe something like the City to Casino. Probably start wiith the 5K first. Running is much better than walking, and my knees are starting to get over themselves!


  4. Hilarious, Jennifer!


  5. But at least no one else has to know — oops!


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