Peg Bag challenge

Last week at the market I was asked by an old friend if I could make her a peg bag.  “nothing fancy, however it comes, like a pinny, (apron) but with a pocket…” O-kaaay. Not a problem, easy done.  I drew a rough sketch of what I was thinking and mum confirmed I was at least on the right track.

So today I decided to set to and make it.  Have it ready for this weekends Fair & Market.
It’s pretty rough, but I can use it myself if she needs something bigger (and neater).

How did it turn out… have a look at and see for yourself.

my chosen fabrics

pinned in place... looks similar to what I was thinking.

hmm... I don't think this is meant to happen...

finished and ready to go.

modelled by yours truly.

Keep smiling and watch out for the pin pricks of life 🙂


6 responses to “Peg Bag challenge

  1. Very cool! VampireLover is going to adore this!


  2. Cute. Is this for what we would call clothes pins to hang laundry on the line? It reminded me of a cute on that someone had made years ago and attached to a modified wire clothes hanger and the “handle” of the wire part looped over the clothes line and the bag slid along.


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