One Goofy Black Lab…

We have a new additon to our family.  A rather large, furry and crazy 3 year old Labradore.  He comes to us already trained and mostly out of the childish puppy stage – just a few things he needs to learn about living with us though (like not leaving the yard by creeping through the fence..).
He is so cute and has that sideways gait when running and wagging at the same time…

I’m sure there will be plenty of posts and stories to tell as time goes on…. but here are a few pics start you off…

my boys with the new boy.

what's going on in there...?

off for a play...

uh-oh... dog on a mission. "Come baack!"

Keep smiling and please look after your pets (4 legged or otherwise)
jennifer (mother to yet another boy 😉 )

4 responses to “One Goofy Black Lab…

  1. Congrats on the good-looking addition! Have fun!


  2. He’s adorable! Nothing nicer than a goofy Lab!


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