I love a V8!

Yeah, I’m hiding a rev head inside me.  I’m usually pretty good at keeping her in check but when Targa comes around she just begs to be let loose…. the sound of good V8 gets her going.  Add that to a muscle car and she’s in heaven.  Car shows are ok, but get boring. really, looking at engines just does nothing for me.  But watch them go round in circles, or with Targa, literally race around the country side, is much better.

Targa Tasmania is a road race around Tasmania that happens every year with cars ranging from those built in 1900 to the modern 2011/new year cars.  Classes include Tour, Vintage Rallye, Rookie Rallye,  Regularity, Classic, Classic Legends and Modern.

Classic Legends are the age group of where my tastes lie.  Sure the Porsche’s, Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s are pretty cool to look at, but a thumping V8 under the hood of a classic ‘muscle car’ is what I like.  Think Eric Bana in Love the Beast. In this movie Eric also participated in Targa (sorry for the spoiler there).
Ford GT Coupe. Pure Muscle.

courtesy of google images

The Subaru’s and Mitsubishi’s are pretty common here as well.

At Woodbridge, the first ‘village’ to our north, this morning was the running of a time run so we spent a few hours by the side of the road watching the cars line up and then take off.

I like taking pictures but my camera is more an ‘auto’ digital than a  full manual DSLR  so getting shots to come out just the way I want is not so easy.  I can’t completely override the computer inside.  Oh well, between hubby and I we took a few ok pics, but I was disappointed there were only two cars from this era.

waiting, waiting....

a small crowd watching the action


more mini muscle

yeah, don't think the family car is gonna cut it.... shhh, don't tell hubby I said that.

Keep smiling and be safe on the roads 🙂



3 responses to “I love a V8!

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  2. You rock! Most girls go goofy over horses but not you!
    You love horsepower, right?


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