Eye Candy…

…is not like arm candy.  Eye candy lasts as long as you want it to. You don’t have to converse with it and it doesn’t matter how stupid it may or may not be.  And best of all… you wont get sick of it.

We all know what I’m talking about. Those singers, actors (mainly), well, anyone who looks good enough to drool over or make you look twice, or promotes you to hide behind sunnies and dawdle through the shops/down the street…..

A short digress. Fifteen years ago with a baby and walking through the Mall with a friend we collided prams after watching one rather hot policeman walk past as we turned to keep looking.. we were caught out as several people saw and laughed.

I am also of the persuasion where I point them out to hubby.  I know he looks so instead of getting snarky, it’s easier to point them out. And he kindly reciprocates. Although local eye candy for me is in short supply.

Hubby has a penchant for those with my name… the Jennifer’s of this world.  I must say, I like that he’s got his priorities right.

First on the list is my least favourite – Aniston. Can’t deny she’s a looker, but still.

picture from Google images

Then come Lopez and Love Hewitt – gotta love a sexy singer and the Ghost Whisperer…

picture from Google images

picture from Google images

Of course my namesake has to be here.  One reason I began using my real name, (still gets reactions 8yrs on)  but she’s not un lovable, thanks to her ‘mishaps’ on the catwalk.  Miss Universe 2004.

If only I looked this good in a bikini! lol (picture from Google images)

The top pick for me is most definitely Garner.  She was hot in the Alias tv series. And is still my favourite.

Ready to kick some serious butt! (picture from google images)

My eye candy..  slightly more varied.  Sure the Brad Pitt’s and George Clooney’s of the world are  good-looking and I do on occasion have to wipe the drool/roll in the tongue, but overall, I prefer a man’s man, not a pretty boy.  The one variation here is someone whose cd I have had on repeat for the last 15 + months… although you could call him a man’s man if you get my drift… Depends what rows your boat. (takes your fancy…)

eek, mind blank… how can that happen when I am thinking of hot guys?!

…. phew… wipes brow, got a bit sweaty there, too much thinking, I’m right now…where was I?

My list is rather long..

I will mention we have lots of hot guys here in Australia and two made my list.  My honourable mentions list is purely coz I can’t decide and I have no room for all the pictures otherwise. (Hope these links work, I’m useless at this stuff)

Robert Downey Jr: a little stubble, some roguish charm and a smile that could melt… well anything really.
Jensen Ackles: what’s not to love, he fights monsters and creepy weirdos, and still looks damned hot!
Johnny Depp: sweet and childish but with an exotic look, and Cptn jack Sparrow… no need to say any more.
Josh Duhamel: one word, HOT! oh, a man in uniform also works (see Transformers..)
Dwayne Johnson: muscled, tatts and such a sweet smile… the Rock is, well just solid.
Paul Walker: knows how to drive cars. FAST.
Enrique Iglesias: your typical latin hot guy – he sings, and moves… and boy can he move.. (insert Allly McBeal tongue lolling)
Chad Kroeger (nickleback): the voice is what does it, and that song with Santana (Into the night)….

Plus most of these guys are all either long-term committed or single.  Big + here.  I don’t care how hot you are, a womanizer just doesn’t cut it.

My top 6…

Adam Lambert… yeah I know he’s gay. But seriously, that’s part of the appeal, knowing you can’t have them. A bit of sexy, a bit of intrigue, a wild boy… and the lyrics “take the pleasure, take the pain, I’m the master of both…close your eyes not your mind, let me into your soul…” a little bit naughty. A definite turn on.

Eric Bana: one our own.  Made hotter, coz he’s a family man.  Not afraid to just be himself and feel no need to impress anyone. It’s that Aussie charm that does it.

Shemar Moore: Criminal Minds’ hottie… wouldn’t mind being investigated by this one…lol and such a gorgeous smile and cheeky eyes, and a buffed bod is just the icing on the cake.

Hugh Jackman: another Aussie. hot, married, family man, a man’s man. More of that Aussie charm alive and well here.

Gerard Butler: Law Abiding citizen, Gamer, Bounty Hunter, Lara Croft (2003)…. hot hot hot.

And my top guy…..  Jason Statham!
After watching The Transporter I was hooked. If I see Jason is in a movie I grab it, I really don’t care if it’s good or not (it usually is).  He’s the lovable bad guy, lovable good guy, knows how to drive a nice car and with more than a few half-naked scenes under his belt. Let’s just say if he stripped in front of me I’d…. probably pass out to be honest, lol.
I’m no advocate for gun-toting, but he has a way with his weapon (pun intended) that is just… I’ll leave the rest up to you.

Who makes your list, male or female, both?  The ‘hot list’  has prompted one question over the years, who’d you go gay for…?  or is that too much here..?

Keep smiling… or scroll back up to get another look 🙂



5 responses to “Eye Candy…

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  2. Great list! I have to say, you have great taste, young lady!


  3. you keep smiling too. intesting pick you did.


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