I like…. I dislike

I like….

  • my new summer dress (at 75% off)
  • driving places
  • laughing with my kids
  • taking pictures
  • long hot showers.
  • the green pastures and the rich deep brown soil of vege growing country
  • pretty flowers
  • (P) DA when I am feeling down – ar anytime at all really.
  • a glass of wine with pizza and a movie 🙂
  • watching movies
  • doing the housework (I feel good when the house is clean)
  • my music up LOUD
  • playing like a 5yr old on the swings at the park
  • when I hear that someone likes my jewellery so much they wear it EveryWhere!
  • catching up with my friends and having drinks
  • thick steak cooked just the way I like it…med/rare with hot mustard.

(of course there are many more things I like, these are, but a few of them….)

I dislike….. well, not going to be negative.  Sharing the good stuff.

What do you like?

Keep smiling 🙂


2 responses to “I like…. I dislike

  1. I LIKE: This post for one thing!


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