head above water.

I have an irrational fear of putting my head under water.  I say irrational because I don’t know what set it off and I don’t understand it.
Let me clarify that, I’m talking about at the beach or the swimming pool.  Showers are not fear inducing activities (even with Psycho movie in mind).  But don’t ask me to me to jump into the pool.  I just don’t go under the water.  I don’t know why.  I can get my hair wet, just not my face.  Now I am not a princess, far from it, but there is some fear there that I don’t understand.
I’m not sure if something had happened when I was a child but even just going under the lane ropes in the pool freaks me out.  Fear of drowning is the only thing I can come up with but still don’t know where that would have come from.

I can swim, but am not a swimmer.  I like the water and boats, but prefer to be on rather than in it.
I will go to the pool with kids and play around, but that’s about it.  Early last year a friend (swimming teacher) asked if I wanted to do laps with her.  Long story short, she lent me flippers and a board… and I loved it, now this Leo is not a water baby but with these I can do laps til the cows come home.  I now have my own, and plan on keeping this thing going.

I have not been swimming for nine months, so went with my sister yesterday (after a solo visit the day before) and it felt good to  be back in the water..  plus it was nice to have someone to talk to.  I have to get back in the pool!  Now to find the pool and the times to match.

Later that afternoon, sis and our hubbies had giggles at my expense over my unwillingness to put my head under water.  Hubby can attest to my dislike of this.  He has tried (with a friend) and although he succeeded, has learnt his lesson.  Other friends have mentioned about ‘getting Jen into the water’ but hubby has said ‘no, you don’t want to go there’ in such a way that there is no argument or further comment.

I have, on a few occasions, done the dive for rings with the kids but it didn’t help and hasn’t made me want to go any further with it.

Of course, if the kids lives (or anyone elses) depended on it, I would swim, dive, do whatever it took.  But for now, I will take my swimming with flippers and board and keep my head firmly above water.

This is one ‘fear’ or ‘phobia’ I have no inclination to overcome.  I am happy and it is not stopping me doing things.  And I don’t see an immediate reason to change.

Keep smiling through the bubbles… 🙂


2 responses to “head above water.

  1. Your fear is far from irrational, young lady!


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