Freaky Scared… but it’s just a chair-lift right?!

After 3 days we woke to find the sun had come out, so shortly after 10 three cars piled with kids drove the 20 mins into Stanley and joined the hordes checking out The Nut.  I had wanted our interstate visitor to see it before he leaves tomorrow and we weren’t holding out much hope for the weather. Cold, windy and wet.  But, although it was windy the sun was out and there was no sign of rain.

The Nut, Stanley. North-west Tasmania

There are two choices when seeing the Nut.  Walk up the steep path, or take the chair lift for a very reasonable (return) price.  Chairlift was today’s choice. I was going to get some serious exercise and walk up, but decided to bite the bullet and ride the lift.

I was starting to feel like I was ‘ready to do this’ and it was no big deal until I sat down and we moved off. Dammit, there is that stomach flip… Up is always easier than down though and it was smooth.

While waiting in  line to ‘board’ I say to my youngest that I would like him to sit still on the ride, safety right? Ok, so I may have said I was scared. Can’t trick him that easily.
Once on, there was jiggling in the seat, trying to see behind us, and he questioned why I was worried….’this is great fun Mum’.   On her way down, a lady must have seen my fear and called out ‘nerves of steel!’  You can’t not laugh about that. 🙂  But I still felt niggly and was tense til I got closer to the top.

Leaving the station, headed UP.

I am not a chair lift person. I do not like heights.  I do however, like the ground (or something equally as firm) under my feet where I can feel it.

Once at the top we took the circuit loop and despite the wind and chill factor it was a lovely gentle walk.  The view is fabulous and you can see for miles out into Bass Strait and the surrounding areas.  Seven years ago while 6+ months pregnant I walked to the top and around, so it’s not too bad really.

One view from the top - Bass Strait, looking North-East ish.

Only incident was my eldest – with one hand and arm in a cast –  fell and scraped a chunk out of the opposing hand.  Thankfully it wasn’t any worse or the hand with plaster.  Something I really don’t need right now.

Once back at the chair lift I knew I had to get on, but just the sight of the chairs heading over the edge was making my stomach lurch.  Yes, I know, big wuss and all, but we are all scared of something and heights is one of mine.  Sometimes it behaves, and sometimes, like today, it makes me freaky scared.

All the kids had their own seat, even my 7 yr old and I was definitely not sharing this time! I find it easier to be scared on my own. Once on, there was that feeling of ‘too late to back out now’ and off I went.  Although it is really slow, and I know, really safe, it doesn’t stop me from feeling this way.

The worst part is the drop over the edge straight down.  Oh god, and then the wind starts to blow, eeek, now we’re swaying (gently, but still swaying) and it’s getting a bit much for me.  By the time I got off, my legs were jelly and although I can laugh about it afterwards, it makes no difference at all while I am on.

oops, a tad fuzzy, but it was too much for me.

It was after my first son was born, 15 yrs ago, and we visited a super large Hydro-Electric Dam that I realised I was scared of heights and it hasn’t improved much over time.  Odd, considering as a kid, I did all sorts of things that involved heights.  I just try to avoid them now.  There are times when I attempt to confront it, (like the time in the Blue Mountains, 2005, Scenic Skyway I was frozen, couldn’t even look out, let alone down.), but it doesn’t always work. Everyone (my family) just laughed at me.

Am I likely to get over this, or even get used to it? Is it mind over matter?  I don’t know, but I’ll keep plugging away, and one day, you never know I may go sky diving. Honestly, not likely at all.

Keep smiling, even when you’re scared silly on a chair lift 🙂


(afterwards we spent an hour or so at the beach with the kids digging a huge hole and me snapping pics of them)


12 responses to “Freaky Scared… but it’s just a chair-lift right?!

  1. Oops — I meant to say welcome to my blog family. If you’d like, please go to the Friends page at my site and tell the rest of us about yourself. Include URLs for your jewelry — which is lovely, by the way. This way, we can all come over to your site and read your posts. Again, Welcome!


  2. I lived on the front range of the Rockies, in Colorado Springs, and I was always terrified to ride up in the mountains with anyone. As long as I was driving, I was fine, but as soon as I was in the passenger seat, I got this panic that didn’t let go until we were home out on the prairie. One flatiron — rock rising straight out of the ground, looks kind of like a hand coming out of the ground. This one had a road along the top. I always got out and walked the whole way behind the truck.


  3. Way to go. It takes a lot to conquer a fear. (Now, if I could just learn to pick up a spider and toss him out the door instead of stomping…I feel like I’d be a better person.) You’re inspiring others to change.


  4. I really do not like heights either, and have a HUGE fear of flying. Have only flown twice in the last 13 years because of it. The mind can do crazy things to us. Good for you though for going through with it, my friend.


  5. If it’s any consolation, you’re braver than me!


  6. Keep smiling — that is perfect advice! And go you for confronting your fears. I’m not crazy about heights either, but you are right, if you can just face them, you feel so much stronger afterwards.


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