From whoa to go in two days…

I have had writers block this week.  Ok, I am not a writer per se, but I have had nothing major, or particularly interesting to write about.  So, on the multiple choice of answers before me, I took the ‘write nothing’ option.

That and with the last few days being a tough time parenting wise… emotionally (doing my head in…aargh!) I had no desire at all to even open the laptop.  Flicked over things on my phone, but even that was half hearted.  I have read everyone’s blogs and enjoyed them as usual, just in no real frame to respond, sorry. 😦
But. Yesterday after helping my parents with some jobs I came upon some very cool items while ‘cleaning out the closet’ or rather space under the stairs and it gave me a fab idea for my next posting.  I will work on it gradually over a few days while at my sister’s place.

Then on the drive up here (we headed north-west, so it was ‘up’ and ‘across’) I had a few other ideas that might come across alright on the screen… we shall see though.

Hoping this finds all well and healthy, and keeping on smiling 🙂



7 responses to “From whoa to go in two days…

  1. Writer’s Block – the scourge of bloggers everywhere! I know that feeling…


  2. I really do understand, I have my own 2 and often there are regularly quite a few extras here (that is what happens when you live close to the college) so the testosterone can be overbearing but it does show that they are growing up and moving to the next stage of their lives. Have a great holiday 🙂


  3. Kids are so much fun and keep life interesting,even if a little challenging at times 🙂


    • … ‘a little challenging’ you’ve got to be kidding. You haven’t met the others yet, and adding another crazy maniac kid to the mix makes one hormone crazed kid worse than ever. think I scared them a bit… Today has been surprisingly good, despite a 6 hr car journey (double shot caps, loud music and open car windows helped I think) .


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