Versatile Blogger… moi?

Well, apparently so, as I have been nominated for the awards.  Not sure how they work and what happens but if it means I can share the blog-love by passing on my favourites and checking out others’ then it’s all good to me.  Many thanks to rantingliberal for the nomination, muchly appreciated 🙂  I am humbled, honoured, thankful and secretly very happy that someone likes my posts that much and think they are worth passing my name round in this way…

The rules for the Versatile Blog Awards are:

  1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.
  2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
  3. Share 7 random things about yourself.
  4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  5. Add the Versatile Blog Award picture on your blog post.

Ok, so #4, check.
Number 5 coming up….

Number 3…. 7 random things about me… lol I’m pretty random anyway, but 7 things that I feel like sharing, that’s completely different.  I have thought about this since I got the nom’ and it’s seriously hard (I had thought of writing ‘i am random’ 7 times…)

1) I don’t like children. Ok, on the face of it, as a mother of 3 that may sound really awful.  Of course I love my kids to bits, do not get in the way of me and my kids if there is trouble! Nieces and nephews, same thing.  But kids in general, nah.  Most kids annoy the crap out of me, specially those that just stare at you in the supermarket etc, or the whingeing spoilt kids… I  am not one of those that can meet any kid and just fall in love and pick them up (if required) and cuddle. Euck.  Tolerate, yes, but does not mean I have to like them.

2) I am completely random.  My kids say I’m an alien, and not just coz I’m ‘old’… I know and say too much, and I’m just weird.

3) I try really really hard but numbers are just like Chinese (insert your own foreign language here) to me.  So aside from being the only female in my house, I am also the only one who is no good at numbers… basic things yes, I can add, subtract and do basic percentages… I’m not totally silly.  Even the 7 yr old is showing promise in the land of Math.

4) I am not very computer/phone literate.  I do try, but these things still confuse the hell out of me.  On that, I have just received a new phone, YAY!!! and it will take me a while to get it set up. And that’s just the basic stuff.. lol

5) I love my friends and family, and believe such relationships should be a two-way street.  Plenty more to say on this one really, but it’s that simple.  One way relationships are too hard emotionally (unless you like the drama of it) and I have deleted/unfriended/removed myself from these situations and am now much happier for it. 🙂 ❤

6) two left, thank god…
I have mild OCD… ha ha, .  No, no the hang wringing excessive washing, lights on/off a certain amount of times OCD… just the fussy about things OCD.  I think everyone does really. Think about it.. Is there anything you are really fussy about? Do certain things (dishes, laundry, clothes folding) have to be done a particular way?  Clothes and laundry are mine, although the crockery in the cupboard can be added aswell… I might say I don’t care where it goes, but will then say ‘no, put it there…’

7) Is intolerable of intolerant people.  I don’t stress in the busy supermarket (if I can’t change it, why stress about it?) Dislike people who don’t within the lines of a parking space (especially when they then give me the dirty look for being too close to them) or park so crooked there is no point attempting to park near.  Why would you want to risk it..?

Ok, so seven weird and random things about me. Phew.

Now to think about my own nominations.  If this had come in a few months ago I would have struggled to find 15 other blogs to include… now I have about 30 on my list to choose from.

quiltstodyefor – this is my mum, my first subscriber and textile artist extraordinaire.

Tasweigian in Finland – my sister.  The title says it all. Has a great way with words.

The Hubby Diaries – a humourous look at marriage. Very well written.

Movieblog8 – extremely well written from a 15yr old, movies, tv and everything in between.

Pins & Patience –  A blog on crocheting, sewing and some jewellery from a wonderfully quirky point of view.

Talinorfali – a feel good blog – how to be a better person.  Love what she writes, gorgeous recipes.

My travel Map – fantastic blog on travelling with gorgeous pictures and great insights to the world around us.

Sweet and Weak – some things are good, others not so… amusing read.

Barbara Briggs Designs – totally gorgeous jewellery! Nothing else to say.

MJMonaghan –  thoughts and musings… humourous, thoughtful and a great read.

Simple & Speedy Snacks – well, the name say it all.  I love food and this is perfect.  Lots of good things to find here.

The Hook – I’ve just found this.  Love it, very amusing, and having worked in hotels before, can relate…

the Ranting Liberal – although I seriously dislike politics of any kind, the others that have been posted here are pretty cool and good to read.

Ok, so there are only 13 links here.  Out of all my blogs I follow, these are consistently on my wall and getting in my face… some of the others haven’t posted anything since lord-knows-when. If you don’t blog you can’t get nominated.. makes sense.   Love all of you 🙂

Ok, if any of these links somehow don’t work, don’t blame me, just check out random thing number 4…. things just don’t work for me when I want then to.  I will apologise though. Sorry.

Keep smiling, and thanks to all the above mentioned blogs for a great couple of months.

Keep smiling 🙂



16 responses to “Versatile Blogger… moi?

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  2. THANK YOU!! for thinking of me……. it’s an honor to be included!


  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Congrats on your nomination! Thanks for reading my blog and enjoying it enough to throw me a link in this post, I really appreciate that thought. 😀


  4. I’m glad we found each other. It certainly worked out for me!


  5. Jennifer, thank you so much for 1) reading my blog, and 2) mentioning me in this post and nomination. You have been a great blogging friend!


  6. I’m too new!!! Seriously, big thanks – you are so generous! Now I have to get to it also… That will have to wait until I’m back in front of computer or I get some WiFi action for this phone…


  7. Congratulations, Jen! And thanks for mentioning my blog in your list!


  8. Thank you for the nomination! I laughed out loud at your description of my blog, love it!


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