Random thought…

Feeling the need for a little caffeine…?

Cup of coffee..??

Seeing as my boys are finishing school 3 days earlier than everyone else and will miss out on class parties etc… I will be taking in some extra-fresh-baked-at-6am choc cupcakes ready for Mr 7’s class for morning tea.

mmm... yum!


Have a great day and catch you all next week sometime. It will be a busy 4 days or so here.

Keep smiling 🙂




14 responses to “Random thought…

  1. What a fun random thought!
    Well done.


  2. Wonder what would happen if you made that cup of coffee and drank it? 🙂 Happy Holidays to you and yours!


  3. Possibly I posted twice. The device I’m using is acting strangely. I guess a software update will be coming soon…


  4. Yummy! Save some for us?! 😉


  5. Oh Madelynne graduated kindy. It’s been a HUGE year for me with 2 starting school for the first time. Still, I’ve got 9 long weeks to grasp the concept of Prep now and FULL TIME!


    • Kindy is such a huge step for them! And it’s so cool when they finish their forst year at school. You’ll love Prep and full time school, believe me. Congrats. the first step is over. 🙂 Graduating kindy…?? Still an odd concept to me. Only saw it in Qld for the first time with Kyle, we certainly never had it here.


  6. I’ll take a cuppa and a cupcake, Jennifer!


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