The Mother-lode is now complete! ~sigh~

Hefty sigh at that too.

As I start this post I am waiting on one last item so I can finish this bag.  A buckle for the adjustable strap.  A bag is not complete without its strap, and this one will need it to be fully adjustable.

adjustable strap.

This has been some time in the making… a long process.  And I have been slack and not done anything about it.  So for me to be busy now is my own fault.

Back in August I was asked to make this bag – to specific specifications (can I do that?).  I had made the prototype so we could discuss it when I went to see her and can you believe it but now I come to make it I cannot find it anywhere to double-check exactly what was required..  😦 uh-oh.

Now my sister is pretty laid back, but I still have that worry that she may not like it.  I’m sure she will, and I am happy with what I have made, but the niggle is still there.

Fast forward a day and the bag is now complete.  I am now happy.  Well kind of.  It’s that let down feeling where you now have no idea what to do.

bag done and ready to use.

Ok, back to the specifications.  A bag was needed with 3 compartments, (2 small and 1 large) to hold the prolific amounts of stuff a baby/toddler needs and to hold them in such a way that everything is easy to put your hand on – the instant you want it.   But what to do with that large empty pocket where all the clothes and blankets go in winter, during the warmer weather when it is not needed.

three compartments...

It was decided that buttons/loops be added to make it squashable (also to make sure the centre of gravity was kept, and there was not a bulky awkward space when carrying it).  I was quite eager to finish this bag so when I had no buttons big enough or just right I made my own.  Bright coloured toggles in polymer clay that work an absolute dream.

bag at full size.

and closed using toggles...

The strap, as mentioned above, had to be adjustable aswell so the bag hangs comfortably.  Anyone who has needed to carry baby on hip, hold child’s hand and carry the bag of stuff knows what I mean.  If it is not right it makes this whole process a PITA (although I prefer PITB – pain in the butt) and results in cranky mum/dad.

gratuitous picture of a toggle coz I am really happy with how they turned out.

Now as you can see in the pictures,  it doesn’t look finished on the edges of the material.  I had made some inane comment about making it neat with all the seams on the inside and the reply was to .. ‘just sew the edges together facing out…’ or something like that which is basically what I have done.  So it was a requested option.

Delivery will be taking place on Monday evening, so fingers crossed.

Keep smiling 🙂



8 responses to “The Mother-lode is now complete! ~sigh~

  1. What a creative idea — and such a thoughtful gift! My favorite aspect of it is that it has that collapsable inner compartment. So neat. You are very talented. 🙂 I’ve got two kids, and it’s always a challenge to carry all the things we need. I’ve been using a backpack for years, so that both my hands can be free to hold their hands.

    Have you thought of making more (I know! It would be a lot of work) and selling them on Etsy? (Etsy is an online marketplace of handmade items.)


    • Thanks for the lovely compliments, and as a mother you understand the need for a bag that does it all. And with this one being made to ‘her’ needs makes it even better. (but with your backpack you still need to offload kids and then the bag to be able to get stuff out (one reason I never used them).

      It was mentioned that I could could make to sell – and yes alot of hard work and time. I did a rough calculation on the price (over the $100 per bag), so am not sure of the viability. I have a shop on Hand-made ( Etsy is fab ut there is so much there I thought I’d try the smaller Aussie one initially.


  2. I think the bag turned out fabulously! Love the colors. You are extremely creative.


  3. Good post… Just killing some time rubbaging around and found your page. Nice looking blog. I’ll have to add the page to come back and see what’s new. Cheers


  4. Neat! Very neat. I had to open the pics to get a better look – on the phone / FB version it just looked like panels sewn together. She’ll love it and the fabric choices are spot on. 😉


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