A few quick questions..

Peanut Butter – smooth or crunchy?


Butter or margarine?

PB&J or is that just gross?

Real coffee or instant (at home)?


Manual (stick shift?)/Automatic car?

Ford/Holden (Chevy)?



Plenty more that are embedded far too deeply to extract right now… have fun with these 🙂



12 responses to “A few quick questions..

  1. In answer to number 8: I don’t care what make the car is, if it doesn’t break down on the freeway, it’s my favorite.


  2. The smiley with sunnies is actually # 8!


  3. What are you researching?!
    1) either or is good, I’ll eat it straight from the jar!;
    2) Vegemite;
    3) Butter;
    4) J as in jam? It’s not bad, though I wouldn’t go out of my way for it;
    5) Real (espresso & filter);
    6) Work = desktop, home = laptop, tablet & phone;
    7) Manual;
    8) Neither (irrelevant in Finland);
    9) Google;
    10) PS3 (games & blu-ray, waiting for movies on-demand…)


  4. PB&J is not gross. Who would even suggest such a thing?


    • hey dave, coming from Aus PB&J is not a common thing to eat, and so some may think it is gross! lol. If we want to mix PB with Jam we do it ourselves – therefore we choose the combinations. Apricot jam with PB is great. I’ll eat it, and hubby and Mr 7 partake regularly.


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