Bag Week = A success

Well, bag week has come to an end and I have to say,  it was a success!

I managed to make 6 bags, which from planning on 1 a day,  resulted in a productive time.  So, some days I didn’t get much done (I work at home, so there is always housework, kids, school etc etc that I have to deal with) but 6 days, 6 bags and 1 more 1/2 done makes me a happy sewer.

Another happy is that a friend has already asked to buy one of my bags, and my sister saw a particular material posted here and has asked for that to be hers.

What else was accomplished: I gained a new skill by sewing a zip placket in a way  I have not tried before.  Accomplished, yes because it worked and looks Fab!

I have several bags in 2 styles because they were easy enough and can be embellished in so many ways.
The ‘messenger’ style (from a book called Hip Handbags) is a pocket style bag that requires only keys, phone and small wallet and you are set to go.

Sold, pending. love this one 🙂

My Silk rainforest, lots of beautiful greens and yellow tones, with a gorgeous beaded fringe.

very casual, summery bag.

Loved this material so much I had to make two bags...

The second style, the ‘Vessel’, from the same book, my new Bag Bible, was a lot smaller than I imagined.  Drawing the pattern from the sizes given it makes a mini tote shape what can fit more in.  Although the picture in the book makes it look huge, it is still quite roomy.  The second of these I made (with the zip) I upsized it and changed the handles to make it a more versatile bag.

made to the pattern specs. but with wooden handles. Love this material 🙂

upsized and in a lovely summery fabric...

complete with zipper. Pretty good if I may say so myself. 🙂

The Baby bag is in progress and will need a blog post all of its own to explain it.  Sounds odd I know, but you will understand when I finish it.  It is complicated and I am still trying to work out how to do certain parts even as I type this.

Keep smiling and pull one out of your bag for each person you see 🙂



2 responses to “Bag Week = A success

  1. Cute bags! I’m not surprised the first one sold so fast, it’s beautiful. The green one I would totally play with the fringe. The brown one looks so soft, I want to reach into the screen!


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