Bag Week Stats…

Well, not really stats, more of a mini update.

I have been busy and have 6 bags done, and am now working of the mother lode of bags, the end-of-bag-week Hurrah! so to speak.  My sisters baby bag.


As usual, she makes things really easy, Not.  So, along the lines of her wanting lots of patterns and colours, I have done just that. thirteen pieces of pattern,which need 2 lots of material… so 26 pieces cut and ready to sew.  Then there is the flap to cover it, the strap, and the buttons & loops (will tell you about that once it’s done..)

26 pieces of material ready to sew... fingers crossed.

I am alternating one bag with another that I am beading a fringe for…. both fiddly work, so doing different ‘exercises’ with each.  I will be needing more beads than I thought I would with the fringe – lucky I have enough of the chosen colours to see me through. There’s about 32 there already, and will need about 15 more to finish it.

Fringe on it's way - about half done, then to sew it in.

A full progress report tomorrow after I have photographed all items.

Keep smiling 🙂



2 responses to “Bag Week Stats…

  1. i read down to here then i just had to comment. where did you learn how to make them were you self taught cause they look pretty good.


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