What the Dictionary gave me…

My last post asked for ideas on posts… readers choice so to speak and from Facebook I got a comment to grab the dictionary, open it at a random page, pick a word and write.  That sounds easy enough.

But now I am here ready to write/type, this is scaring me a bit.  There are so many big words in there, what if I don’t even know the meaning of it, or it’s a rude word.. lol. Actually, that could be interesting.

words words words.... which one will it be?

Well, here goes nothing.

Said book is next to me. Eyes on computer screen only, no sideways glances. Time to open.  Flipping the pages.  Run finger down the page and stop at…… OBLIGE.  that’s a bit ironic isn’t it.


Oblige: to bind morally or legally to do service to…

Let’s make it easy. Short sweet sentences.

I will oblige and write a post as I said I would.

I will be obliging as a parent and do what I am bound to as the adult, caretaker, peacekeeper (LOL!) etc etc…

I am obliged to pay bills so we can have a roof over our heads and a car that works to take us places.

I am obliged, as a Mini business person to upkeep my Facebook page, keep my Homemade running properly and attend the markets each month if I am to grow into Small.

I would love it if my kids, especially the teenage ones, were more obliging to their mother and use their heads sometimes  (But they are boys, so maybe yhat’s expecting too much).

If people in general were more obliging the world would be a much better place.

If you have an obligation, stick to it.  The only person it reflects badly on is you… and who wants to look foolish?

My friends are not very obliging after I asked them what they think about the word…. lol

We have an obligation to our friends & family – to be the best friend/sister etc we can: support, helpfulness, thankful and appreciate them..

Let’s me think… I’ve used the word oblige, obliging, obligation and obliged.  Have I  written it enough times to count as a post?

lol... 🙂

And now I have just said the word in my head so many times that it sounds weird and if I do it again, I may not want to use the word!

Were you expecting something else?  Was that a cop-out…?  Kind of.  But I wasn’t obliged to write a story, or an essay.  Just put some words the screen and press Publish (after spell check of course, dreadful that I am at typing).  And writing with a different approach can be good sometimes.  I actually liked that.  It was refreshing to be different tonight.

Don’t feel obliged, but I’d love you to ‘keep smiling :)’



2 responses to “What the Dictionary gave me…

  1. That wasn’t so hard was it!


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