You choose the topic…

This week, next week, and the week after… as long at it takes I spose.

I wont say I’ve run out of ideas, not at all, but I like a challenge.  So what you would like me to talk about.  Put my opinion to.  Go on.. stretch my mind,  get me outside the box.

Give me a subject, reasonably precise please, and I’ll do a post on it.  Is there something you want to know about me?  Be as controversial as you like.  I will try to do justice to each one.  Not much is off-limits, but I reserve the right to say no (I hope I don’t have to do that).

I don’t just want a subject like, Animals.  That’s too general.  More along the lines of  ‘What are your favourites’,  ‘are you a dog or cat person’.  That sort of thing.

I can mumble away to myself composing while I sew bags, make jewellery, do housework and deal with kids.  A post a day (where possible) for as many topics as comes my way.

Keep smiling 🙂


4 responses to “You choose the topic…

  1. If I comment I always ask for the follow up notification. Strange…


  2. I know the dictionary won, so where is the post?! Or am I being too impatient 🙂


    • ok, 3 comments, 1 reply.
      Yes, too impatient. It’s still today, not tomorrow yet. Haven’t had time to even look for the dictionary.
      When you comment there should be a box to click to recieve follow up comments… assuming it works.
      I am now intrigued by said pressie, and have several thoughts on what may be. But they will have to wait til the day. And a friend also loved the same print as you.. must be alright then, lol
      Love the name Wraptures. Fits it perfectly, was meant to be.


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