bags bags and more bags

So last week was re invented week… we’re now into Bag week.   Now normally I wouldn’t be making so much in such a short time, but with everything that is happening over the next few months, combined with summer school holidays I just wont have time to keep up with it.  So if I can get my already overflowing stash bigger than ever, then I know I can just rotate everything for each market and take the whole kit & caboodle to the Expo in Feb.  After that I should be nearly back to normal, and routine.

If you remember back a few posts, I came into possession of lots of fantastic retro and 70’s/80’s material.  Out of the hall cupboard came the huge, very heavy suitcase for me to explore and find some inspiration.

Given the dreary weather I initially got out the woolly, thick materials… but it is summer, or at least it’s trying, so I added bright orange, red, green and blues.

'warm' bags for chilly weather...

'cool' bags for a bright breezy summer....

I have my fabrics out, with matching linings, and will be finding the pattern for each bag.  What will suit each one.  For example, the light silky fabric just wont go as a large carrying tote, and vice versa for the heavy woollen fabric being a dainty evening bag…
My plan is to make at least one bag each day, and given 1 child will be away this week at camp, it will be easier to manage after dinner sewing stints.

I also have a huge bag job to do.  For my sister.  She wanted the ‘baby bag to  top all baby bags’.  We worked out exactly what she wanted, I made my prototype and then we talked some more.   Now, to just find said prototype.  Dunno where it’s gone.  But it needs to be ready before we visit her the week before Christmas.

Keep smiling, although the bag is just too heavy 🙂



5 responses to “bags bags and more bags

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  2. I thought I subscribed to get comments… not sure why your answer never appeared. Anyway, yes to the funky orange one (fruits or vegetables – not sure what the pattern is).

    Anyway, wait until you’ve seen your Christmas pressie before we talk about styles 🙂


  3. Okay so ❤ does not make a heart in wordpress. Good to know!


  4. Re the cool bags, would you do a bag for me with the fabric in the bottom left corner. I used that in the kitchen when A and I were living in Mostyn Brae. Has very special memories woven in ❤


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