Christmas, take 2….

Ok, so what did I post yesterday about Christmas being a not event this year, bah! disregard that part.

This is my blog, and I reserve the right to change my mind if I see fit.

Christmas is now at MY house!   We (myself & 3 boys) shall be  playing host to mum and dad.  Complete with prawns, ham, turkey, new potatoes, raspberries and of course little Christmas puddings or mince tarts. And better not forget the ice cream and custard for kids (big and small).

This was not so much a change of mind as I had no issue with the what/where/how of Christmas.  But with two birthdays and kitchen renovation (not mine unfortunately)happening before the 25th, I was easy with where the plans went.  So with one of two kitchens being usable, it just made sense.  Now to hope the weather plays nice, with tables outside, could use the gazebo even…

As also mentioned yesterday, my tree goes up on the 1st Dec, so that’s what we did.

And here she is, my little tree that two of three boys helped me decorate.  A tree just for this year, and just enough to sit on the buffet and look pretty.  A fibre optic tree with little baubles… simple and kinda cute.

the tree: 2011


Remembering I had brought a box of Xmas items with me from Mt Isa (yeah, packed them up in a removalist box…) I hunted through and found 2 little nativity scenes, and some cutesy ornaments.

I just love these little figurines... 🙂

I have a strong attachment to those nativity scenes… we do not generally follow the religious meaning behind the day but I grew up with the figurines and just love putting them on display.  Hypocritical? maybe. But I can admit it.

lovin' the Santa on wobbly legs 🙂







And what would Christmas be without stockings???  (Have to find a place to hang them now, we have a firepalce but no hooks…)

Advent and Peaceful (2nd child) stockings....


Keep smiling, and enjoy the season to come 🙂



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