Picture catch up…

I have missed posting my 52 week pic challenge for a few weeks so here are the last 3…

week 6 – composed still life.

I took a pic of all my vases in the hallway and then played with the canon program to add some interest.

Vases with tweaking..


week 7 – machinery.

I hunted out an old pic of a relic in dad’s ‘graveyard’ and posted.

Rusty Relic


week 8 – animals

Despite living in the country there are not so many animals just wandering around and I really wasn’t going to take a picture of the many road kill that are laying about stinking.  On Wednesday evening we went to visit some friends and then headed to the Wharf for a fish and chips dinner.  And I caught two seagulls in flight… while just admiring the view (luxury boats of one sort or another…)

Seagulls in Flight, Hobart.

Keep smiling 🙂



2 responses to “Picture catch up…

  1. I really like the seagulls in flight one, you’ve really captured their movement!


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