(I need a name…) ‘cocoon’ piccies

Ok, so I’ve finally got around to quickly making up some cocoons to show you.

These are just a prototype, but I may keep them later on.

Of course what is encased does not have to be glass, but anything I like, maybe even resin with beads or just some beads I don’t know what else to do with…

prototype of 2 different cocoons. Early ideas.

And the current list of what has been nominated is below…. feel free to add to the list, or let me know your preferred name.  I’ll be checking early next week (it’s Friday here) and then posting the favourite names.

Podded beads

beads in a pod

Wraptures (combo of 2 words)


cuddle stones (or glass or jewels)

dichroic (or glass) pies,

glass tarts!

 glass pods,

     glass wraps

            wrapped in glass ?


            Peeka-a-boo Bling

            Hidden Treasures

            Double Delight

Thanks in advance. (And a happy Thanksgiving to my American friends:))

Keep smiling  🙂


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