mini road trip… destination: Deloraine Craft Fair

After a busy market day on Sunday mum and I quickly emptied the car and then headed north 3 hrs.  Out destination? Launceston for the night and then a short 45 min drive west to Deloraine for the annual Craft Fair on Monday morning.  We arrived for the last day,  which was perfect as there were not so many crowds and made it much more enjoyable to wander at our leisure… I scooted about and when I rang mum about meeting for lunch, she was still at the first venue… easy for mum to do as she knows so many people and kept running into them…  Once you had paid entry – at which ever venue you chose to start at – this gave you entry to each venue plus there were free shuttle buses on two routes between the venues.  Made for a very easy day to get around.

The weather was perfect so I walked between the 5 or 6 venues I visited.  There were 16 in total, but as we were limited on time, I planned my trip.  While walking along the beautiful river I noticed several interesting sculptures and the bridge was adorned with lots of woolly scarves….

Balls in the Park.

Four men on a head sculpture.

Scarves on the Deloraine Bridge.

What did I find…. so many wonderful artists and creators… many from interstate which is a pity as this is a Tasmanian Event. And I know there are so many talented Tasmanians out there that would benefit from attending a fair like this, over 4 days.  Maybe it’s the price, or the application process and what they decide to allow…

I have to look into it and see what you get for your dollar, as I am thinking of applying next year and trying my luck.  As is the way with me, my mind is always 100 miles ahead of things and I am already planning my booth layout…(this should keep and work well for the Middleton Fair on in Feb next year).

This year seemed to be the year of textiles, wooden art/furniture and  (dichroic) glass products.  Every second stall seemed to be selling glass pendants or plates and bowls from slumped glass.  The textiles stall were fabulous, so many colours and textures… lots of trade sales here.   As for jewellery… let’s see.  A lot of the top end Sterling silver with semi precious stones, the very simple classical style of jewellery and at the other end of the spectrum… many stalls with the little kiddie hair clips and bands.  Nothing at all like what I am making.

I did find one stall (I am sorry, I cannot remember who she is or if I got a card from her…) who made jewellery more like what I like.  Very chunky, mainly shorter styles, in all sorts of semi precious, chains and displayed on her own busts – chicken wire shaped and then covered with black cloth.  My picture does not do her display justice, but she was a lovely lady and makes amazing jewellery.

My pick of the jewellery from the fair.

I went to the Craft Fair to see what was happening and what else is in Tassie, but found myself looking at the displays and how they set up, making use of their space and how I could do it.
I have my idea of creating a fun, feminine boudoir style booth where you feel like you’ve walked into your bedroom, with jewellery overflowing from beauty cases, and swaths of material on the walls… it’s all my head now, but can I recreate it so it looks right?

I bought a few wooden letters that I will be painting and decoupaging for my own stall, aswell as cookie cutters for clay and smaller wood pieces for stamping maybe.

my mini stash - display letters and new 'tools'

This gives me something to look forward to… next year will be busy.

February: annual Fair at Middleton – big stuff.

Aug/Sept: the Art Trail.  Local artists open their studios for a weekend.  I will be with mum in her shed as a joint production.

November: Deloraine Craft Fair!
and then there’s Christmas looming… oh fun and joy.

keep smiling 🙂


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