decoupage part 3…

and I promise this is the last one.

While adding the finishing touches (sounds good, but they’re not the right words..)
More precisely, getting my act together and sorting out what I am taking to the market this weekend I set up the new box to see how it would work…items in the bottom overflowing like a jewellery box at home, fine. Items draped over the top, not so fine.   After trying a few things like pins and elastic – bzzzt, Fail, I troop off to see mum and is she had any ideas.  Of course she had ideas.  A trim, a strip of velcro and there you go.
I’ll let the picture show you, and for the record I had just enough ribbon, with 1cm left over…

trim with velcro base

velcro top with trim sewn on

necklace held in place - sturdy but still easy to access.

So we shall see how it all works on Sunday… I may even post some pics from the market.

Keep smiling 🙂


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