Decoupage part 2….

let’s just say it doesn’t look as neat as the first part…

(I am not really in the mood/writing frame of mind to write but this needs to be done, as I know if I don’t get it out soon, then it wont happen… and what’s the point in part 1 if there is no part 2..??)

I got everything out and covered the table with paper, always a good start.

base of box glued, ready to do insides...

Roughly measured out the pink for my base and then set about glueing it on.  Getting the base on was easy enough, now came the hard bit… the sides and inside edge.  The excess is trimmed once everything is glued in and flattened out.  Well that is the idea anyway.

Hard would not be quite the word, but tricky, fiddly and awkward certainly are.

back of the box where the hinges are

inside of the box.





Once the base cover went in – damn, it’s crooked – I put a strip of ribbon around the base where the two pieces meet.  Not really sure that it looked any better, but there was plenty of white spotty material left over, so that will be work as a filler for display purposes, covering up any shonky work.

Ta-daa! finished box, all ready to go.

If it works out, yippee!, if it doesn’t, I have a great box for my own jewellery needs (of which I really need to de-stash and figure out what I want to keep…)








Til next time, keep smiling 🙂


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